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ezPRF Gel Injectable

in Northern Virginia


The revolutionary EZ Gel redefines beauty by blending albumin and PRF into a natural filler, providing a compelling alternative to traditional HA fillers. Utilizing your blood serum’s albumin and growth factors, EZ Gel offers autologous rejuvenation with remarkable results, particularly for tear troughs. Its adaptability is ensured through chemical-free spinning and heating of whole blood samples, achieving optimal viscosity for various treatment areas. This innovative gel taps into the body’s proteins, surpassing lab-made alternatives, and ensures gradual growth factor release for enhanced regenerative benefits.

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Our Approach to EZPRF Gel

Introducing EZPRF Gel, a 100% natural gel enhancer derived from your blood’s albumin and natural growth factors. This innovative treatment instantly adds volume while continuously releasing growth factors, rejuvenating your entire face. Serving as a secure and effective under-eye filler substitute, EZPRF Gel minimizes discomfort, requiring only a few syringes for optimal results. Unlike traditional PRP or PRF injections, EZ-gel uses a concentrated version of your platelet-rich fibrin and white blood cells, creating a natural bio-filler that enhances skin quality and texture. Our expert injectors customize the treatment for each patient, providing immediate filler-like results and gradual improvement in skin tone and texture through a series of three sessions.

2-3 treatments are recommended for optimal results

$1,500/each full face treatment