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ezPRF Gel

Comparing PRP/PRF and EZ Gel for Skin Rejuvenation: Which Treatment is Right for You?

Introduction: In the pursuit of addressing skin aging concerns, PRP/PRF therapies have emerged as promising solutions. However, a new contender, EZ Gel, has entered the scene. Which approach holds the key to optimal skin rejuvenation? In this exploration, we delve into the world of these treatments, guided by the expertise of Mountcastle Med Spas. Our dedication to harnessing cutting-edge science ensures a gratifying experience for your skin. Join us as we uncover the specifics of these methods.

Understanding Platelet Function: Within blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma compose the key components. While platelets primarily prevent excessive bleeding, their function extends beyond clotting. After bleeding ceases, platelets release growth factors and cytokines, initiating the healing process. Let’s explore how PRP/PRF treatments interact with these platelets to rejuvenate the skin.

PRP Therapy: PRP treatment involves extracting a small amount of your blood, followed by separating platelets using a specialized centrifuge and anticoagulant to create a biocompatible concentrate. Similar to receiving a vitamin boost intravenously, PRP’s benefits are short-lived yet potent. In contrast, PRF retains stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines within tissues, amplifying the treatment’s effectiveness for several weeks post-injection. Widely successful in orthopedics, PRP accelerates tissue healing, while its achievements in aesthetic applications for youthful skin and hair preservation are well-established.

Revitalizing Skin Damage with PRF: PRP’s triumphs lay the foundation for PRF, an advanced iteration of platelet-rich plasma. Platelets adhering to fibrin in the bloodstream release growth factors, triggering collagen, blood vessel, and skin cell regeneration. PRF intensifies this effect by releasing growth factors over an extended period, ensuring sustained benefits. Its adaptability addresses concerns such as under-eye puffiness, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even hair loss. As an autologous therapy, PRF seamlessly aligns with the body’s natural processes, yielding gradual yet substantial enhancements.

Combining PRF and PRP: Both PRP and PRF leverage inherent growth factors present in blood. Their synergy with platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin fosters collagen, elastin, and skin cell growth. These treatments excel at diminishing wrinkles, enhancing skin texture, and minimizing signs of aging. Applications encompass various facial regions, including under-eye circles, smile lines, cheeks, lips, and more. Scalp application stimulates hair growth, while hand, décolleté, and neck treatments defy aging.

The Innovative EZ Gel: The groundbreaking EZ Gel transforms the beauty landscape by merging albumin and PRF to form a natural filler. Applied to volume-deficient facial areas, EZ Gel offers an alternative to traditional HA fillers. Its autologous, invigorating, and volumizing properties yield remarkable results, particularly addressing tear troughs.

The Essence of EZ Gel: EZ Gel harnesses your blood serum albumin and growth factors to naturally rejuvenate the skin. Notably, it taps into the body’s proteins, surpassing lab-made alternatives. Chemical-free spinning and heating of whole blood samples ensure EZ Gel’s adaptability, enabling optimal viscosity for diverse treatment areas. The gradual release of growth factors further enhances its regenerative prowess.

Mountcastle Med Spas’ Approach to EZ Gel: PRF ezGel, comprised of your blood’s albumin and natural growth factors, embodies a 100% natural gel enhancer. It instantaneously adds volume while continuously releasing growth factors to rejuvenate your entire face. Serving as a secure and effective under-eye filler substitute, this treatment entails minimal discomfort, necessitating only a few syringes of the gel derived from your blood. A series of three sessions ensures optimal outcomes.

Selecting the Right Treatment: PRP is an ideal solution for uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines. A regimen of 3–4 sessions produces noticeable improvements within a month. PRF addresses the same concerns while excelling in cases of deeper wrinkles and advanced signs of aging. Often referred to as a natural filler, PRF yields results in just two to three weeks, with substantial transformation in four to six weeks. Combining PRF with treatments like microneedling can elevate outcomes.

Conclusion: Each offering—PRP, PRF, and EZ Gel—boasts distinct benefits. While EZ Gel introduces innovation, the proven efficacy of PRP and PRF remains compelling. Safety and minimal health risks are inherent, courtesy of their utilization of autologous blood components. Candidates with blood disorders or clotting issues may require exceptions. In the quest for beauty, individual needs steer treatment selection. Ultimately, whether you opt for PRP, PRF, or the revolutionary EZ Gel, your path to radiant skin is assured.

Different from traditional PRP or PRF injections, EZ-gel takes it a step further by using a more concentrated version of your own platelet-rich fibrin and white blood cells to create a natural bio-filler that is completely natural and also works to improve skin quality and texture. Our expert nurse injectors customize the treatment to each patient by using the PRF EZ Gel to add youthful volume back into areas that need it. Patients will see immediate filler-like results, as well as gradual improvement of tone and texture of the skin.

2-3 treatments are recommended for optimal results

$1,500/each full face treatment