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Derma Filler

AVERAGE COST: $200 – $600

Dysport® is a derma injectable comparable to BOTOX that is added into the skin to ease the underlying muscles so that the skin appears relaxed.

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When Dysport® is injected into a patient’s face by one of our team members at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery, the muscles under the skin relax, and the visible wrinkles on the outer layer of the skin soften. Known medically as abobotulinum toxin A, it offers many of the same benefits as BOTOX®, with subtle differences. Dysport® is a drug that helps reduce frown lines and wrinkles in the upper face, and it blocks the actions of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the nervous system. Some practitioners like Dr. Mountcastle, use Dysport® and BOTOX® interchangeably, selecting BOTOX® for the forehead while using Dysport around the eyes. Dysport® has shown to act quicker than BOTOX, and it also diffuses further from the injection site offering a greater spread.


Dysport is injected via a fine needle to specific areas on the face. Prior to the injection, these areas are marked, and a numbing anesthetic is applied. The amount of medicine injected varies by patient depending on their aesthetic goals. Some individuals will have deeper, broader wrinkles while others wish to target fines lines (which requires less product). Dysport is administered during an in-office appointment that typically lasts about 30 minutes.


There is no downtime after a Dysport injection. Some mild swelling and redness may occur at the injection sites, but the skin will return to a normal appearance a few hours after treatment. Ice packs are often compressed to the site immediately after treatment to help calm the skin and reduce these after-effects. Patients are able to resume their normal activities on the same day as their treatment. Results will become apparent within a couple of short days.