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What You Need to Know About PRP Northern Virginia

Posted July 09, 2024 in Uncategorized

Have you been searching for a non-surgical treatment to address wrinkles, a loss in facial balance or volume, or dark circles under your eyes? A Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment will use your own blood to improve your facial tissue and rejuvenate your face.

What is a Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment and How is it Different from Platelet-Rich Platelet (PRP) Treatment?

PRP in Northern Virginia serves as a less invasive way of accomplishing a more healed and youthful look to your face. Both PRF and PRP are regenerative treatments using your blood. PRP is made from plasma from the blood, while PRF is made from the entire sample of the blood. PRP also requires more blood than PRF. PRF can build natural volume in the skin and is typically a better option for those with deeper wrinkles and scars or signs of advanced aging. These treatments are a natural alternative to dermal fillers to bring volume back to your face.

3 Benefits of PRF / PRP Northern Virginia

  • Minimize wrinkles and fine facial lines
  • To heal and treat scarring including acne
  • Improves skin texture and tone
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Who is a Good Candidate for PRP and PRF?

PRF is best for those in good health and without any serious skin conditions. Those who will find the best results typically are those with aged textured skin. This treatment involved needles and blood which may not be fitting for those who are squeamish.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

Immediately following the PRP Northern Virginia procedure your face will present with swelling and redness but no significant long-term effects have been reported. Improvements will be visible as soon as the procedure is done and will continue to progress for the next months, these overall changes can last for more than a year. Schedule a consultation with Mountcastle Medical Spa today.

Mountcastle Medical Spa, the best injector for PRP Northern Virginia

At Mountcastle Medical Spa, we believe in providing the highest quality of ethical care through effective treatments tailored uniquely for you, aiming to enhance and restore your natural beauty. We are proud to have board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mountcastle M.D., as our mentor and medical director. Our chief injector and physician assistant brings 15 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and injectable treatments. We offer the best injector for PRF in Northern Virginia, and aesthetic treatments including body contouring, Botox, fillers, facials, laser treatments and more! Call or book online today.